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Know more about data visualiser

Query the entire data warehouse.

data visualiser

What is the Data NeTT Visualiser?

The Data Visualiser is a zero-learning curve tool that allows users to query the indicator-based data warehouse of TobagoInfo. This tool allows users to search for an indicator, visualise its data, edit/save/ download the visualisation on their computer or in an online dynamic gallery.

Users also have the option to download any data set from the data warehouse. This tool opens the data warehouse to all users interested in the development of the country.

How does It work?

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  • Explore


    Explore the data warehouse where indicators have been classified by sectors/ goals and disaggregated by gender, age group, location etc. Select an indicator to view its data across time series, geography and for available disaggregations.

  • Visualise

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    View, edit, save or download the indicator based data visualisations of your choice to include them in your presentations or reports.

  • Gallery


    Save your visualisations in your private gallery. Add descriptions and key words to them and save them as dynamic objects. The gallery is searchable and will be accessible anytime you login.

  • Reports


    Explore the data warehouse for desired parameters and view the data in a comprehensive tabular report. This report can also be downloaded in Excel.

  • Download


    Download any type of sector data set or the entire data warehouse in Excel.