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MICS 3 Final Report, Trinidad and Tobago

This Report is based on the Trinidad and Tobago Multiple Indicator Cluster Survey, conducted in 2006 by the Ministry of Social Development in collaboration with the Central Statistical Office (CSO) and UNICEF. The survey provides valuable information on the situation of children and women in Trinidad and Tobago and was based, in large part, on the need to monitor progress towards goals and targets emanating from recent international agreements: the Millennium Declaration, adopted by all 191 United Nations Member States in September 2000, and the Plan of Action of A World Fit For Children, adopted by 189 Member States at the United Nations Special Session on Children in May 2002. Both of these commitments build upon promises made by the international community at the 1990 World Summit for Children.

  • Document type : Report

  • Source : CSO

  • Year of publication : 2008